Decoding UFOs, Aliens and the Bible: Don’t Be Deceived Episode 1 | Pastor Allen Nolan

Sep 11, 2023 The Bible Study Podcast: Sermons with Allen Nolan

Join Pastor Allen Nolan in a captivating journey as he delves into the enigmatic world of UFOs and aliens, revealing startling truths that challenge our perceptions. Through riveting stories, biblical insights, and thought-provoking analysis, Pastor Allen empowers viewers to question the mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena. Don’t miss this eye-opening exploration that seeks to separate fact from fiction, guiding you to a deeper understanding of the unknown. We hope you enjoy this new church online sermon series.

00:00 Introduction
01:55 A New Subject
03:58 What UFOs ARE NOT
05:18 What UFOs ARE
08:50 How Do We Explain Sightings?
13:15 Where UFOs Come From
19:25 The Spiritual Realm
22:25 Luke Chapter 24
26:00 John Chapter 20
28:30 Matthew Chapter 17
32:50 1 Thess. Chapter 4
36:20 A Wonderful Secret
40:00 The Secular Explanation of the Rapture
43:00 The Theory of Everything/Closing

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